Election day

Here’s my number 8 in this back2blog challenge that has been exciting, inspiring and has kept me on my toes. I have surprised myself by thinking about my theme of the day or for the next day at about any time of the day. I think I am going to feel some form of emptiness when it will be finished. Of course, I will try to continue to write, but it won’t quite be the same and I won’t have anything kicking me in the butt to write every day…

So it’s election day in the United-States. Why would I write about this when I’m not even American myself or don’t even live there? I don’t know. Why is every single TV station or internet information outlet talking about this, sometimes going as far as broadcasting all night long, uninterrupted? I don’t know. Why is there such an interest for something that is happening far away, where most of us are not even concerned and that will have no direct impact on our lives? Again, I don’t know. Why are millions of people around the world riveted to the results, when in return, many Americans don’t seem that interested in what goes on in the rest of world? Beats me.

Wether it is Obama or Romney who will be elected, I will still get up tomorrow and go about my regular Wednesday routine. It won’t change anything in my life or the way I live. Either I will be relieved that in 2012 we can consider the rights of gay people as important as those of heterosexual people because it should be normal. Or I will feel slightly worried that a man who is an imminent part of an obscure religion is given such power. A case of moving forward or taking many steps back. But again, besides that relief or disappointment, it really won’t change my life, my obligations as a woman, a wife, a mother, a student or my everyday routine. Nor Obama, nor Romney will pay my bills, clean my floors, fill up my fridge or walk my dog.

So will it be worth it to stay up super late to watch the results? Definitely not, I’m already over tired from a bad cold. Will I stay up late or bolt out of bed super early to turn on whatever I can to know the result? Probably. Am I going to cross my fingers and hold my breath that things go forward and not back? Absolutely!

Please make it that I wake up to a Wednesday where I can continue to believe that everyone is equal and deserves the same rights. That I can continue to believe that I can bring my boys up with the notion of tolerance and acceptance of others, no matter how different. (I am well aware that I can and will do this regardless of who is elected president, just humor me.)

Oh, and while we’re at the wishing, if the house could be clean and the laundry ironed, when I get up, I would be very grateful.

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